Strong-willed Fannie Hochstetler wants to become a midwife, but the doctor who will be showing her the ropes is Daniel Kauffman, who previously left the community. She reluctantly follows so she can learn enough to go out on her own. Although Daniel doesn’t follow his faith, Fannie knows she should use the time with him to be an example of her faith, but that turns out to be much harder than she thought it would be. Each question, snide remark, or scoff pushes her a little further away from him, but when asking for peace and understanding she becomes calm. To her surprise, what God tells Fannie is more than she thought she had to offer.

Independent Daniel Kauffman is not thrilled with Fannie either, as they had words in the past about how things should be done and how far things should go without pushing too far against the Amish ways. Their way of leaving all things to God doesn’t sit right with Daniel. He was doing just fine without any bishop or deacon standing in his way. If only they could understand that his battle is within. If God has given him the gift to heal, why can’t he be in both places without issue? But the guilt he feels for leaving pushes him to spend time in both the hospital and in the community. The push he feels from God and his commitment to the people he was born into create a great division between them which forces Daniel to make a choice.

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Beth Shriver, a freelance writer, columnist, and author who writes fiction and nonfiction. Beth's family, along with two cats, a fish and a beagle, live in Texas.

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