The unthinkable has happened. Colton Parker’s troubled fifteen-year-old daughter has run away — and he fears that she’s become a prostitute.

Colton — a former FBI agent turned private investigator — knows that
bad things often happen to good people. And that sometimes, it takes
evil to fight evil — even when it’s “wrong” to do so.

Colton’s search for Cassie takes him from the pool halls of
Indianapolis to the casinos and brothels of Las Vegas. Along the way
Colton finds a new friend willing to lend a hand — and a new enemy that
is more powerful than anyone he has ever confronted.

“Former FBI agent Colton Parker just might be the badest private
detective on the block. Told with a sparse, tough prose reminiscent of
the late Robert Parker, Brandt Dodson just might be the author fans of
the ‘Spenser’ series have been yearning for.” — Vincent Zandri, International Bestselling author of The Innocent, The Remains, and Concrete Pearl.

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About The Author

Brandt Dodson was born and raised in Indianapolis and comes from a line of police officers spanning several generations. A writer and a board–certified podiatrist specializing in peripheral nerve surgery, Dr. Dodson, his wife, and their two sons live in Newburgh, Indiana, where he serves as an elder at the First Christian Church.

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