A monster from hell…
A champion from God…
And one man caught between them.

There is nowhere left to run…

The sequel to Stolen Lives is here! Ian Richardson fears he has lost his brother forever in a car wreck, but after remaining dead for almost four minutes, paramedics revive Thomas. His story is too horrifying to imagine: he visited hell…and something has followed to take him back. Suddenly Ian finds himself immersed in a world of terrors real and imagined in the very shadows around him. The life of his brother and those he loves depend upon his protection from a demoniac. But how can he fight something he cannot believe in? Ian must face the most terrifying enemy of all…

…one that cannot die.

“Brian Reaves writes with fearless gusto. He tackles tough subjects, shows believable characters who get scraped and bruised–or even worse–and yet his storytelling has an underlying purpose that is undeniably biblical. If you were to mix the action of James Byron Huggins with the spiritual insight of Frank Peretti, you might find yourself reading a Reaves thriller.” — Eric Wilson, NY Times bestselling author of Expiration Date and Field of Blood

“A white-knuckled rollercoaster ride from start to finish. This book should come with a warning: Don’t read if you are home alone!” — Kathryn Cushman, author of Leaving Yesterday

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About The Author

Brian Reaves is a computer programmer, musician, husband, and father of two. He is very active in his church with the worship team, and is the worship leader for the youth ministry. Brian writes stories that take place just at the edge of reality and has been compared to Ray Bradbury and Neil Gaiman. He lives in Anniston, Alabama.

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