Based on the Parable of the Good Samaritan in the Book of Luke chapter 10, verses 30 through 37.

Charity is disconcerted with an argument that has transpired at the
castle and decides her best recourse would be to run away. As her
impulsive journey unfolds, she encounters a phenomenon that would
ultimately alter her life forever.

From her hiding place in the Weeping
Woodlands, she sees a wounded dog that is old and unloved lying on the
side of the road. She watches as others find him and stop, but none
reach out to help him. She decides to befriend the hurting creature,
even though her decision would mean she may be found by many of the
King’s men who are looking for her. She can only help him by taking him
back to the castle to nurse him back to health where she learns the true
meaning of charity and mercy.