Valkerie Jansen is tough, beautiful, and soon to be the most envied woman on
earth. Every man on the planet is in love with her—and she’s just
discovered life on Mars.

Shortly after Valkerie comes down with a mysterious illness, she is attacked
by someone—or something—that can’t possibly exist.
Everyone but Bob Kaganovski thinks she’s hallucinating and even Bob seems to
be wavering.

NASA, fearing “back contamination” to earth, sets plans in motion to
permanently quarantine the four astronauts on Mars.

Is Valkerie’s “fifth man” real? If not, then who or what is trying to kill
the crew?

This “Writer’s Journey” edition of The Fifth Man contains three bonus
appendices (over 20 pages!) for fiction writers and anyone interested in
getting the inside scoop on how John and Randy develop their stories. Learn
some of their most powerful techniques, including story drivers, high
concept, scene structure, and more.

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