With summer just around the bend, Bedford High School is gearing up for the end-of-the-year alumni banquet, gathering and celebrating graduates from throughout the years. Charlotte is busy baking pies for the event, but when she hears a rumor that Kevin Slater, her grandchildren’s father, is coming back for the high school reunion, the bottom falls out of her world. Why would he return after all this time? Does he know the children are in Bedford?

As Charlotte looks into safeguarding her custody rights, she struggles with her fear of losing her grandkids all over again.
While the children wrestle with the possibility of seeing their father, Emily is hard at work making an old-fashioned dress for a fund-raiser. But what’s her real motivation for wanting to win? Christopher is gearing up for an adventure with his friend Dylan, and Sam is trying to work up the guts to ask his crush to the prom. Will one bad decision ruin his chances with her?

What will happen to the children if Kevin does come for them? Are the family’s roots deep enough to keep them together?

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