It’s been five years since Shiloh Evans encountered the murderous gold hunters seeking Blackbeard’s hidden stash. After they killed her policewoman cousin, Shiloh left town to regroup, and earn her own police badge. Because she would see this case solved — someday. She just didn’t expect the killers to attack her new home in Treasure Point, Georgia … on the same day her ex-fiancé arrived in town.

Adam Cole has tried to overcome his love for Shiloh. But he won’t just sit by when she’s in danger. Working together, they plan a trap. But springing it requires getting to centuries-buried treasure before the killers get to them.

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About The Author

Sarah Varland lives in Alaska with her husband, John, their two boys and their dogs. Her passion for books comes from her mom, and her love for suspense comes from her dad, who has spent a career in law enforcement. Her love for romance comes from the relationship she has with her husband and from watching too many chick flicks. When she's not writing, she's often found reading, baking, kayaking or hiking.

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