Karin is a young labor and delivery nurse in Chicago. She is skilled and comfortable with all the technology associated with childbirth in a big-city hospital. But when her roommate becomes ill and dies from mysterious causes, Karin’s plan for a successful life in Chicago falls into disarray, and she begins to question her life and career path. One hundred years earlier, Karin’s great-grandmother came to Michigan as an immigrant from Finland. When Aliisa arrived in Calumet, the town was booming with wealth generated by the copper mines. Aliisa found a job as a maid in the house of a wealthy merchant, and she dreamed of having her own home in town one day. Aliisa married and began a family, but after the copper miners’ strike, her dream was dashed. In the midst of Karin’s struggles, she is given a letter that was written long ago by her great-grandmother Aliisa. Despite the years separating the two women, Aliisa has a message of hope for Karin.

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About The Author

Carol is the descendant of Finnish copper miners and resilient Finnish women that immigrated to Northern Michigan. Carol enjoys gardening, preparing meals, and making pies and jam. She has been married to Dan for 32 years and they have three children. The arrival of grandchildren has motivated her to renew knitting projects.

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