Escape to the Aloha State, where three women meet their matches. After being jilted, Ashley Bancroft moves to Hawaii for her new job with author Anthony Adler. Then suddenly her ex-fiancé reappears. To whom will she give her forever kind of love? Marnie Jordan is suffering from amnesia. Will her husband Jeff find a way to regain his rightful place beside her? Kayli Akimo isn’t looking for a man, yet finds two of them vying for her affection. Who will win her love? Can God untangle these affairs of the heart?


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The author of more than 40 books, Carole Gift Page has received two Pacesetter Awards and the C.S. Lewis Honor Book Award. She's published more than 800 stories, articles and poems in more than 100 publications. A frequent speaker at conferences, schools, churches and women's ministries, Carole speaks on such topics as family relationships, grief recovery and women's issues. Carole and husband Bill have three children.

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