“The time draws near when it will be determined whether for the next thousand years the Greater Archipelagos will be cursed or favored.”

The final book in the Seeker’s Trilogy follows Iviana’s journey as she works to become what the prophecies promised: The Glory-bringer. In doing so, she will bring about a revolution that will alter the course of the Greater Archipelagos’ future.

Or so says Era, the mysterious Atlantian teen who discovers she is more than a hidden Seeker, but a Time-jumper and Dream-walker as well. On her first unintentional time-jump, the future of the Greater Archipelagos is revealed to be harrowing for the entire planet if Iviana does not fulfill her destiny.

However, Iviana has discovered a dark secret involving the council, including the current Realm Leader, her best friend, Flynn. Upon revealing her knowledge of their transgression, Flynn warns she must flee, sending her back to her home world. Unfortunately, Kaern is just as dangerous thanks to the unmerited witch-hunt set against her by Sir Loric in an attempt to wreak his revenge.

But when Iviana and Era discover they are able to visit one another through dreams, Era reveals what she knows of the future and Iviana must find a way to stop it before it’s too late. The fate of the Greater Archipelagos is literally hanging in the balance and it is only a matter of time before the curse is set into motion once and for all.

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About The Author

Cassandra Boyson is author of Amazon bestselling Christian fantasy series the Seeker's Trilogy. She plans to release several more books in the Christian fantasy genre as well as in the worlds introduced in her books. Through her books, Cassandra hopes not only to take readers on exciting fantasy adventures, but to reveal that there is only one in whom true power lies; He is the one who loves more deeply than any human ever could.

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