Staying in one place was never Nick Carbini’s plan. When his troubled past leads him to Bear Lake, Montana, single mom Alisa Machak makes him consider putting down roots. Alisa doesn’t have a problem letting Nick work in her diner, but when he starts edging his way into her heart, she has to draw the line. He reminds her too much of her son’s father, another drifter who abandoned them both. Nick wishes he could be there for them, but believes he’s not fit to be a husband. When his worst fears come true one night, it’s up to Alisa to show him the perfect recipe for a forever romance.

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Writing Christian romances under the name of Charlotte Carter, author Charlotte Lobb (1935-2013) wrote more than 50 romance novels under three pseudonyms. She was also a newspaper columnist and humorist, and taught workshops on the craft of writing.

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