Big Sky vs. Big City

With a high-flying career in the big city, Paige Barclay rarely finds her way back to the homestead in Bear Lake, Montana. But then a terrible accident leaves Paige in charge of her orphaned nephew. She’s prepared to take Bryan back to Seattle, far from the home he loves. Wrangler Jay Red Elk loves Bryan like a son and knows the boy belongs in Montana. He won’t let Bryan go without a fight. But as Paige grows closer to the handsome, determined cowboy, she begins to wonder whether she, too, belongs here—in Bear Lake by Jay’s side.

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About The Author

Writing Christian romances under the name of Charlotte Carter, author Charlotte Lobb (1935-2013) wrote more than 50 romance novels under three pseudonyms. She was also a newspaper columnist and humorist, and taught workshops on the craft of writing.

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