“That’s the thing about life – just when you think it’s nearing absolute perfection, you find yourself flat on your back on a stranger’s filthy green shag carpet, simply trying to remember how to breathe.” – Camdyn

A charming new home, welcoming new hearts, and the promise of forever with Cole Parker – Camdyn is tempted to say that things are just about perfect. With the first novel under her real name set to release soon, she throws herself into an ambitious new writing project and finds herself inexplicably drawn to a vulnerable little girl. Etta Rose, a German-American who suffered through the hysteria and prejudice that plagued the first World War, has a story that Camdyn remembers from her own childhood – a story that she longs to fully discover and share with the world.

While Camdyn studies Etta’s history, though, an even bigger secret begins to unfold. Not one to leave a mystery unsolved, she delves into the past, determined to leave no stone unturned. Once the answers are unearthed, what she discovers could hold the power to change not only her life, but the lives of those she loves the most. The truth will not be easily forgotten – is she prepared to turn her perfect new life upside down so soon?

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About The Author

Christina Coryell is an Amazon bestselling author of Christian Women's Fiction. Growing up a small-town girl from southwest Missouri, she always had a heart full of dreams and a head bursting with stories. Because she is a picky reader and longs to truly connect with a book's characters, character is unapologetically the biggest driving force in her novels. She holds degrees in English and History from Drury University, and does most of her writing with a couple kids climbing on her or with loud guitars playing in the background. She currently resides in southwest Missouri with her husband and two children.

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