At first signs of Morgui’s vile presence are subtle: slowly summers grow cold and certain of Dionia’s inhabitants go missing. But as more and more people are strangely taken, the Kings of Dionia
decide take precautionary measures.

Luik son of Lair is summoned to join
an elite group of warriors known as the Dibor, sworn to protect their
Kingdom against invading foes. But when a sinister plot to dethrone the
Kings and flatten the capital city of Adriel is discovered, the Dibor
are summoned along with the rest of the men of Dionia to defend her
walls. It is here that Luik and his army face Morgui’s Prince as well
as the unending ranks of the demon war-host known as the Dairne-Reih,
engaging in an epic saga to keep their world from following the same
fate of one that has gone before it: Earth.

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About The Author

Christopher Hopper is a recording artist, published author, motivational speaker, and teen & college pastor. He travels internationally each year speaking and performing for schools, conferences, and churches with a message of hope for his generation.

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