Mercy Roller knows her name is a lie: there has never been any mercy in her young life. Her abusive father, the Pastor, has a stranglehold on the church community that should have stood against his evil. Her mother, who should have protected Mercy, can’t control her own fear and hate. Pastor has robbed Mercy of innocence and love, husband and child. Not a single person seems capable of standing up to the Pastor’s unrestrained evil. So Mercy takes matters into her own hands.
Her heart was hardened to love long before she became the judge, jury, and executioner of the Pastor. She just didn’t realize that the retribution she thought would save her might turn her into the very thing she hated most.

Kicked out of their home by her grieving mother, the only path left for Mercy is to save other young lives from the hell she went through. When she meets a young preacher headed to counsel a pregnant couple, Mercy is sure she’s called to protect the family. After all, to her, a “pastor” is only a man who calls his sinful actions “righteous.” But the more time she spends on the other side of the mountain, the more she discovers that true righteousness has nothing evil about it—and that there might be room for her own stained and shattered soul to find shelter, and even love.

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About The Author

Cindy Sproles is a mountain gal, born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains where life is simple, words have a deep southern drawl, and colloquialisms like, "well slap my knee and call me corn pone" seem to take precedence over proper speech. She is a speaker and writer who has written several devotionals. She begins her fiction career with her debut novel, Mercy's Rain (Kregel).

Books by Cindy Sproles

Mercy’s Rain

When your life is built around a father's wrath, how can you trust in the love of Father God'