Amanda Bell Brown knows that life as a forensic psychologist isn’t quite as cool
as it looks on prime-time TV. But when she turns thirty-five with no husband or
baby on the horizon, she decides she’s gotta get out and paint the town — in
her drop-dead red birthday dress. Instead, she finds herself at the scene of a
crime — and she just may know who the killer is. She needs to spill her guts,
but not on the handsome lead detective’s alligator shoes — especially if she
wants him to ask her out. A complicated murder investigation unearths not just
a killer but a closet full of skeletons Amanda thought were long gone. Murder,
mayhem, and a fine man are wreaking havoc on her birthday, but will her
sleuthing leave her alive to see past thirty-five?

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About The Author

Claudia Mair Burney is the author of the Amanda Bell Brown Mystery series and the young adult novel Exorsistah. She lives in Lexington, Kentucky.

Books by Claudia Mair Burney