He was once the greatest champion in the land. Then
he disappeared.
With Nemesia’s defeat, the Barlows have helped
turn the tide in the Hidden Lands. But the victory
is short-lived. An even greater evil stirs in the north
with a fierce new army bent on destruction. As the
twins, Gabe and Garret, discover their own special
powers, a thin thread of hope emerges: long ago, a
fabled king was rescued from death on our world
and hidden on Karac Tor. Who is he?
Each brother has their part to play. Hadyn must
travel north to warn the land rulers, which leaves
Ewan with a bitter choice. Will he sacrifice what is
most precious to discover whether Corus lives? Even
more important, if Corus is alive, can he wake the
Sleeping King of legend…before it’s too late?