She Wants To Remember. He Wishes He Could Forget.

Lindsay Collins can’t remember the accident that injured her and took her sister’s life six months ago—but someone can. Trooper Joe Rossetti can’t seem to get the images of that night out of his head. Plagued with guilt for not being able to do more to save Lindsay’s sister, Joe doesn’t want to get close to Lindsay. But when he sees her struggle to relate to the orphaned niece she’s now raising, he can’t walk away. Lindsay and Joe will have to face their pain and doubts together in order to make a new family bloom.

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About The Author

Dana Corbit started telling “people stories” at about the same time she started forming words. Her love for those stories – whether true or enhanced – and the words that formed them was immediate and enduring. Corbit's debut novel, the inspirational romance A Blessed Life (Love Inspired), was a finalist in the HOLT Medallion competition, sponsored by the Virginia Romance Writers. Corbit makes her home in Southeast Michigan.

Books by Dana Corbit