The Arizona desert is lovely in August. If you’re a cactus.

If you’re not green and prickly it’s like standing in the bottom of a
volcano hoping your SPF 15 will do the trick. So how does Simone
Greevey, a twenty-something e-zine editor from San Francisco, wind up
wearing a duck costume in sweltering Seepwillow, Arizona? In Desert
Simone loses her job and her fiance in one fell swoop and
runs to the arms of her eccentric aunt, owner of the Ruddy Duck trailer
park, a hundred miles from nowhere.

There she meets Chaz Tagliola, a guy who doesn’t know Jimmy Choo from Jiminy Cricket, a man
with a passion for God and the one thing Simone has tried to forget
about for the decade since her father’s death. Before her suitcase is
unpacked; Simone’s aunt disappears, leaving Chaz and Simone to lead a
five day junior high school Bible study camp. Bug lightings? Hot dog
roasts? Cactus jam recipes? It’s a whole new world for a San Francisco
girl. Throw in a mysterious park tenant and a breathtaking natural
discovery and the stage is set for Simone to learn a divine lesson that
will rock her world in a big way.