One would think pregnancy at forty-eight might be cause enough for worry…until another dead body surfaces and Ruth is once again forced into the role of Finny’s most unlikely sleuth.

It’s the 150th anniversary of the wreck of the Triton, a ship that foundered off the coast of Finny, California. A team of college students arrives to film a documentary, and pregnant Ruth is pressed into service. She must reenact the life of survivor Indigo Orson, a woman who managed the perils of gold rush California by disguising herself as a man. Indigo’s writing reveals there was treasure aboard the Triton, a rich prize shrouded in secrecy. While her beloved husband Monk is away, Ruth stumbles on the body of one of the film’s crewman. His death turns out to be the furthest thing from an accident. Adding to the chaos, Ruth’s estranged son arrives and Monk’s niece faces heartbreak at the hands of Finny’s police detective. Faced with murder, mayhem and mommy hood, Ruth had better find some answers fast.