Once a proud Jew from Jotapata, Adonijah found himself rejected by his people when he confronted them with the truth of the Gospel. Now living in the hated land of Samaria, he has found a new life among those he once considered infidels. When a deformed woman comes to glean in his fields, he finds himself unable to keep her from his mind, but his feelings of pity changes suddenly when she saves Adonijah’s young nephew from certain death.

Marked from birth, Mara has had to flee persecution most of her life. Now, Adonijah offers her something she thought never to possess. Considering her appearance, can she believe his tender feelings could be more than just pity?

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About The Author

Darlene Mindrup has always had a love of writing and an active imagination. Years of journalism classes and homeschooling her children gave her the tools to make her writing better and more professional (and with fewer errors). She has a love of history that comes through in her novels, especially Bible history and World War II.

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