Five Complete Novels! Faith and History Come to Life Throughout history, steadfast Christians have paved the way for dramatic changes in the world. The Christian heroes from the TRAILBLAZER BOOKS had the courage and strength to stand up for the God they believe in. Their amazing stories of hope and adventure, described through the eyes of young fictional characters, are timeless lessons for young and old.

The Hidden Jewel
When John Knight and his mother get to India, they are shocked that a young girl is being legally forced to marry her uncle, but Irish missionary Amy Carmichael brings relief when she arrives to fight for the freedom of the young child bride.

Shanghaied to China
When Neil Thompson is shanghaied to be a cabin boy on a ship bound for China, he finds comfort, friendship, and faith from missionary Hudson Taylor.

The Warrior’s Challenge
Joseph Shabosh yearns for independence, but the Mohegan warrior he has befriended is the enemy; David is unsure whether to believe in the Mohegan warrior or to put his trust in the Moravian missionary David Zeisberger.

Race for the Record
Alastair’s missionary parents are thrilled when they discover that Joy Ridderhof, founder of Gospel Recordings, is coming to the Philippines and will record tribal translations of the Gospel message so the Palawanos tribe can learn about God.

Blinded by the Shining Path
Alfredo Garcia is kidnapped and forced into a terrorist group, but when he must prove his loyalty or risk death, Alfredo is certain his encounter with Pastor Romulo Saune was arranged by the One who saves.