The fourth Trailblazers collection features central-Africa explorer David Livingstone and also includes author John Bunyan; missionary Maude Cary; missionary Marry Slessor; and the “Livingstone of South America,” Barbrook Grubb.

Escape From the Slave Traders

British missionary David Livingstone is doing everything he can to stop slavery in southeastern Africa, but how can he help the two young boys Wikatani and Chuma, who are forced on a torturous march through the jungles of Africa?

Traitor in the Tower

When twelve-year-old Richard Winslow’s father is imprisoned in London, Richard stays nearby in case his father needs him. As Richard quickly befriends another prisoner, the famous preacher John Bunyan, he wants to help him, but Richard is afraid of what might happen to himself–and his father–if he does.

Risking the Forbidden Game

Jamal and Hameem have fun stealing items from the “enemy”–the infidel French soldiers trying to claim Morocco. But when Jamal steals pictures from the Christian missionary Maude Cary, he is torn between his own Muslim way and the missionary’s stories about Jesus.

Trial by Poison

The people of the Ekenge village are frightened and angry when white men threaten harm to them, and the villagers are no longer sure they can trust the missionary Mary Slessor, who has brought them nothing but peace and the teachings of God’s love.

Ambushed in the Jaguar Swamp

Missionary Barbrooke Grubb is well-liked within the Lengua tribe, and young boys Kyemap and Poit offer to help Grubb reach other Paraguayan tribes. But actions by the overconfident Poit anger Kyemap, forcing Kyemap to betray his friend and seek the Truth.