Faith and History Come to Life! Famous Bible translator William Tyndale paves the way for this new collection of Trailblazers heroes. In addition to Tyndale, the third volume includes Civil War hero Frederick Douglass, missionaries to China Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth and Gladys Aylward, and martyred pilot missionary Nate Saint.

The Queen’s Smuggler

When William Tyndale is imprisoned for illegally translating Scripture into English, Sarah Poyntz believes that the king might spare Tyndale’s life if only she can get Queen Anne to read a copy of Tyndale’s translated New Testament.

Caught in the Rebel Camp

Danny Sims wants nothing more than to fight with the Union soldiers in the Fifty-Fourth infantry, but he thinks his lame foot will keep him out of the action–until he is befriended by antislavery advocate Frederick Douglass.

Mask of the Wolf Boy

An accident leaves Chou Fu-lin disfigured and alone, but friendship from missionaries Jonathan and Rosalind Goforth leads Fu-lin to invite Jesus into his life. His faith is tested, however, when violence breaks out against Christians, and Fu-lin wonders if he should run from his newfound faith to save his life.

Flight of the Fugitives

Mei-en, a young Chinese orphan, is terrified to be sold to a foreign lady, but the compassionate missionary Gladys Aylward proves to be a friend and rescuer for Mei-en and hundreds more orphans.

The Fate of the Yellow Woodbee

When Niwa is outlawed by his own family for angering another Ecuadorian tribe, he finds hope in missionary Nate Saint, who Niwa knows is there to help make peace among the tribes.