In first-century Judea, the followers of the Way have burgeoned
into a vibrant, growing community that cannot be ignored. Jerusalem is
in turmoil as its religious leaders on one side, and their Roman rulers
on the other, conspire to stamp out the fledgling Church. And Abigail,
who thought she had finally found home and safety, is caught between the
opposing forces.

Two suitors desire the lovely
Abigail’s hand in marriage. Ezra, a successful Hebrew merchant and
widower with important connections among the Sanhedrin, is looking for a
mother for his children. The Roman soldier Linux is fascinated by her
winsome charm and possibly could offer the sanctuary–maybe even the
love–for which she yearns. But her heart has been captured by neither
of these. Will her faith and courage survive a heartbreak beyond
comprehension as the followers face a gathering storm of persecution
they never could have foreseen?

A glimmer of hope beckons Abigail forward …