He has learned to love her with all his heart. Now he must learn to let her go.

There is peace in the kingdom at last and King Philip wants nothing more than to spend his days watching his children grow and enjoying the company of his beloved Rosalynde. Reghed, Lynaleigh’s neighbor to the north, suffers greatly under the heavy hand of its king, the evil and demented tyrant Sarto. But Philip resists God’s urging to bring aid to Reghed’s people until the night Rosalynde is torn from his arms and carried into Sarto’s dark realm. Despite the serious injuries he sustained trying to protect her from her captors, Philip insists on following after her and finds himself face to face with the suffering he has till now turned away from. Sarto eventually captures Philip, too, determined to kill him in order to fulfill his sinister plans. Can Philip free himself, Rosalynde and the people of Reghed? Or has his disobedience lost him the love and protection of God?

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About The Author

Although her degree is in business, DeAnna Julie Dodson's real interest has always been in literature, music and the fine arts. Medieval English history and Shakespeare are particular favorites of hers and, along with her Christian faith, have most influenced the three novels in her Chastelayne Trilogy. She loves cross stitch, quilting, Dallas Stars hockey, and her cats: Emily, Eloise and Elliot. DeAnna lives in the Dallas area.

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