The product of a split home, Paula Andrews is conflicted about the only guy she’s ever loved, Nick Papadopoulos, on leave from the military. When the two see each other after years of separation, the awkwardness is replaced by pounding hearts and memories sweeter than the baklava in Nick’s aunt’s bakery.

Nick’s dad begs him to leave the military and join the family to keep their struggling sponge-diving business alive. Although Nick loves the military, he’s willing to put it aside to be with Paula. However, she doesn’t want to do anything that will make him resent her.

Paula experiences all sorts of emotional tugs – from Nick going back to his base in Texas to her mother coming to her for emotional support. Nick’s cousins are relentless in their scheming to keep the flame burning.
Years later, and after their lives have grown apart, is it possible for these two people to rekindle what they once had?