Everyone enjoys a hearty laugh. That’s why the online version of Reverend Fun has become the most popular Christian cartoon in the world. Millions of people now access Reverend Fun online via Gospel.com. By popular demand, the best of Reverend Fun is now available in this playful new format—a good ol’ book! Reverend Fun Offline—the long-requested sequel to Reverend Fun’s: Has Anybody Seen My Locust?—is the second book to be published since Gospel.com took the cartoon live in 1995. Reverend Fun Offline takes a fresh look at God’s people down through time. Wacky? Sometimes. But the good Rev. is usually more on-target than you might first think. Enjoy! And, hey, loosen up a little!

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Whether he’s poking fun at overzealous ministers, shining a new light on an old Bible story, or challenging the "gossip" in all of us, Reverend Fun creator Dennis "Max" Hengeveld has an incredible knack for getting Christians to remove the log from our own eye before we try to remove a splinter from the eye of someone else’s.

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