Shawnee has found her place in the elementary-school hierarchy. With new friends Nia and Rebecca by her side, she finds out that having money and fine things doesn’t necessarily make a person happy. After she makes some shocking discoveries about Nia’s home life, she understands just how much more important people are than things. The adventures never cease when Shawnee, her little sister Robin, her mom, dad and friends are around, and in an exciting third book in the works, Shawnee faces even more elementary-school perils that teach her grown-up lessons about living a Godly life. It’s a classic kid’s series with a sprinkling of heavenly advice – perfect for girls in grades three to six!

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About The Author

DeShawn Snow is a philanthropist, a businesswoman and a busy mother of three boys, but she’s probably best known for her starring role on the first season of Bravo’s reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” However, DeShawn’s legacy in the Atlanta area, and beyond, extends well beyond the camera.

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