A widower at 50, Leon McKee began walking the streets of Chicago to take up the lonely hours.

Then, answering an ad in the newspaper for a night watchman in a Laundromat, he meets a woman who has accepted her dull life as what she expects to have at her age. But they are both wrong. Their lives and worlds are turned upside down as a series of events change them and the neighborhood of Clark Street.

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About The Author

Diane Dryden is a feature writer for the Washburn County Register in Shell Lake, Wisconsin. She’s also freelanced for numerous newspapers and magazines. She was born and raised in Chicago — the locale around which her books are written. "Chicago is a city that never sleeps," she says. "And interesting beyond belief." If you've lived in Chicago, you'll recognize the places she mentions. If you've never been there, you'll want to go.

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