Cal, Harlan, and Buddy grow up together in a small Virginia town in
the years before the second World War. United by age, proximity, and
temperament, they get into — and out of — all the trouble that boys manage
to find. They even earn a nickname from a local restaurateur who gives
the boys their first jobs and plenty of friendly advice. “Uncle” Vic
calls them the Mulligans, because they always seem to find a way through
a thicket of trouble — family problems, girls, college, war — to success.
Cal and Harlan and Buddy have been blessed with second chances.

Now it’s 1959, and police lieutenant Buddy receives an early-morning
phone call: his friend Harlan, a store owner, has been shot in a
break-in. Cal, now a preacher, meets Buddy at the hospital, and
together, as professionals and as friends, they begin to unravel what
might have happened to Harlan.

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About The Author

Don Reid, a member of the Statler Brothers, country music's premier singing group for nearly forty years, has established himself as a singer and professional writer in multiple fields. Reid also cowrote (with his brother Harold) the television series The Statler Brothers Show and numerous TV specials. He's published numerous books, including novels and nonfiction. Don lives with his wife, Deborah, in Staunton, Virginia.

Books by Don Reid

One Lane Bridge

J. D. Wickman's life is falling apart. A drive in the country to find some peace and quiet results in more stress'and a mystery only God can explain.

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