Georgia spinster Marzie Spencer spends her days making pottery, regretting past decisions, and involving herself as a local activist. But life drastically changes with her efforts to save the plot of land where she was born. Suddenly she finds herself the center of an unlikely trio vying for her attention: a mixed-race child she wants to adopt, a man from her past, and Calvin Beckwith, the northerner building across the road.

Cal’s plan to do research on the marshlands around Pleasant Tides and get close to God is challenged when intriguing Marzie plants herself on his property to protest his homebuilding. Maybe working together will let him accomplish his goals … while keeping the peace.
But Marzie remembers how quickly dreams fade away and ruin one’s life.

Can Cal’s gentle nature win her heart and bring even impossible dreams within her grasp?

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About The Author

Donna L. Rich was born and raised in Indiana. She and her husband love their blended family. Their six children have all married, and they brag incessantly about the seventeen grandchildren and four great-grandchildren they’ve been given so far.

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