Stunningly beautiful Callie Conner is sick of being pursued by shallow
suitors. She wants a man of faith, honesty and moral integrity who will
love and value her for more than her appearance. So she flees to her
aunt’s hotel, where she soon finds herself falling for the handsome new
stable hand.

A successful businessman in disguise, Ezra Ryder enjoys
working in Pinewood where he is accepted for himself, and not for his
money. Growing closer to Miss Callie, he longs to proclaim his love. But
revealing his true identity would also mean revealing his deceit—can he
risk losing Callie’s trust forever?

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About The Author

Critically acclaimed, award-winning author Dorothy Clark lives in rural New York, in a home she designed and helped her husband build (she swings a mean hammer!) with the able assistance of their three children. When she is not writing, she and her husband enjoy traveling throughout the United States doing research and gaining inspiration for future books. Dorothy believes in God, love, family and happy endings.

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