The story of Henry “Box” Brown is one of the most amazing tales of escape in American history. As a child, Henry was devastated when his family was split apart and sold. Later, he almost went mad after his wife and three children were also sold. In his grief, Henry heard a voice tell him, “Go and get a box, and put yourself in it.” In 1849, with the help of two friends, he was placed into a wooden box and shipped from Richmond to Philadelphia. During this harrowing, 25-hour ordeal, Henry was stuck upside down for long, painful stretches, and at other times was dropped on the ground, nearly breaking his neck. The book brings to life Henry’s incredible true story, the viciousness of urban slavery, and the heroism of the Underground Railroad. The Disappearing Man is a moving tale that shows just how far people will go in seeking freedom.

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Doug Peterson is a journalism graduate with a storied writing career, including more than 40 books for the popular VeggieTales series. Doug has also been a science writer with the University of Illinois since 1979 and has published several books through the University of Illinois, including the Secret Agent Worm science series. Doug lives in Champaign, Illinois, with his wife Nancy (a therapist for over 30 years) and their two sons.

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The Disappearing Man

An incredible true story of the viciousness of urban slavery and the heroism of the Underground Railroad.