It’s the dawn of humanity, and civilization is rapidly advancing–and something’s not right … not right at all.

A dark power is at work, intent on gaining complete control of the Cradleland – the birthplace of the still young world. All that stands in the Power’s way is one troublesome line of humans: the descendants of Seth. They are of the only remaining clan clinging to an all-but-dead faith. And yet it’s from that faith that a prophecy threatens all plans of world dominion – a promise, spoken from the heart of Eden, warning of a human son yet to come who would strike back with a crushing blow. The darkness is determined to stop that from happening. This redeemer must be born of a human, so an incredible scheme is launched to prevent the prophecy from coming to pass. First, pollute the human bloodline; and second … kill the only one who could be humanity’s deliverance!

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About The Author

Douglas Hirt is the author of some 30 novels, a book of non-fiction, as well as a writer of short stories. He won the 1991 Top Hand award and has been nominated twice for the Western Writers of America's Spur Award. Doug makes his home in Colorado Springs with his wife Kathy and their two children, Rebecca and Derick. When not writing or traveling to research his fiction, Doug enjoys collecting and restoring old English sports cars.

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