In 1986 Taylor moved his family to New York to pastor a mission that served the homeless and impoverished living in Manhattan’s lower East Side, but he couldn’t have known what would await them there.

As they join the New York landscape and get to know their neighbors in Alphabet City, Taylor finds their stories becoming intertwined with his to form a tapestry of God’s unrelenting grace and mercy … and all of their lives will never be the same again.

The graphic novel is being previewed online to gather readership, and can be read by clicking over to Erica’s website:

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About The Author

Erica Well, cartoonist and teacher, became fascinated with creating comics at sixteen after visiting Marvel Comics. She began working in the comic book industry in retail and publishing -- including staff positions with Milestone Media, Broadway Comics, and DC Comics. She's adapted Taylor Field's A Church Called Graffiti into a graphic novel, which can be read online on her website.

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