Miss Helen Edwards is not lovelorn.

And despite what her
friend believes, she has not fallen for Patrick Flannigan. He may be
handsome, and he may be the father of her favorite pupil, but he is also
a widower—and still grieving over his beloved wife. Then there is his
plan to remove his daughter from the Cecilia Quincy School for the Deaf,
even when Molly stands to benefit greatly from the education.

since meeting Miss Edwards, Patrick Flannigan cannot seem to keep his
thoughts from drifting in her direction. In fact, it has become hard not
to think of his daughter and Helen together. But that is silly. Her
attention to Molly and her gracious offer to teach him sign language are
blessings…nothing more.

Can Helen and Patrick set aside their own wills to see God’s perfect plan for their hearts and lives?