A small town is suddenly enveloped by catastrophe after catastrophe, the trend of evil beginning with the horrible death of a young clergyman. The local detective cannot explain the death but begins to believe, even with his skeptical mind, that supernatural forces are at work.

The night of Halloween is mayhem in the town; grisly murders, violence abounding, children suffering at the hands of dark forces. The police are perplexed and out of their depth, so the chief reluctantly goes to a Christian celebrity for answers and is shocked by what he learns.
A spiritual battle ensues, and humans become intricately involved; Christians recognize that demon possession and evil influences are everywhere and that the Prince of Darkness is taking over.

As the veil between the normal world and spirit world is torn, the local bishop and curate fight back using prayer and direct confrontation with evil. Heaven’s angels descend to face the onslaught, but Satan, Lord Rimmon, and his army of devils are not going to give up the town without a desperate and furious war.

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About The Author

Frederick Hurr is a bible scholar, whose main interests are philosophy, history, sailing, and following his favorite football club West Ham United. He became a Christian at the age of 32, after experiencing a 'Damascus Road ' spiritual awakening. While living in the USA he was actively engaged in street evangelism with Operation Mobilisation. Born in the UK, Fred Hurr lives with his wife Linda outside London, England.

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