About The Author

Born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Georgia holds dear the three inherent mountain values of faith, family, and the land. Her debut Christmas romance novel, The Ornament of Hope is rich with voices from the past, memories of heartwarming stories and traditions of her cherished heritage. She and her husband, Phil, live in Tennessee near their adult son, Philip and daughter-in-heart, Lauren. Georgia Curtis Ling is the bestselling author of What's in the Bible for Women, an award-winning writer, and a well-liked speaker who touches the heart and tickles the funny bone as she writes about faith, love and life. Over her career her work has appeared in numerous periodicals, and nine best-selling books, including the God's Vitamin "C" for the Spirit series, God's Abundance, and God's Unexpected Blessings. As a Bible teacher, Georgia has been teaching and helping women find answers through the Bible to life's questions, since she graduated from Kentucky Christian University with a major in Bible in 1979. Georgia stepped away from her writing and speaking career, for a few years, choosing to focus on family and to launch a Leadership and Generosity company with her husband, Phil Ling. She's back in full force. It's not really a "comeback" since Georgia continued writing, she just chose to let her projects sit on the back burner simmering until the timing was right - it's right. Embracing the digital world, she will publish books through her new publishing imprint, Birds On A Wire Media, with the first release announcing her debut Christmas Romance novel, The Ornament of Hope, the first in an Appalachian Christmas Heritage Series.