Minister Grant Schnarr draws together the voices of young people he has met and counseled to weave a fictional tale of love, fear, and hope.

Sixteen-year-old Nicole Bealert is a typical teenager, living in a world of homework, school plays, and her own imagination—a world turned upside-down when she is diagnosed with brain cancer. Her father, who never dealt with her mother’s death from lung cancer six years before, begins drinking heavily; she is left trying to care for herself and her younger brother, Luke, while juggling school and her growing fears about her own mortality.

Seeking answers, she begins writing a journal that becomes a vehicle for her to communicate with her guardian angel. As she approaches the date of an operation that may either save her life or end it, her inner and outer worlds collide and combine to give her a new understanding of family, friendship, and life.

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About The Author

Grant Schnarr is a teacher, certified life-coach, and pastor of the Creekside church in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. He is the author of several books on spiritual growth and recovery. His book The Art of Spiritual Warfare has been published in several languages on four continents.

Books by Grant Schnarr

The Guardian Angel Diary

A teen girl faces a life-threatening illness in the aftermath of her mother's recent death -- and begins a journal to communicate with her guardian angel.