Chief Inspector Jack Lawrence and Sergeant Wilson set out to solve a robbery and encounter the unexpected in the London suburb of Notting Hill. Their quest takes them to York to an art lover s mansion and across the English Channel to Paris in search of clues to unravel their latest criminal conundrum involving stolen paintings, an anonymous letter and an unidentified body. Laced with intriguing icons of English culture, artfully crafted characters, and a twisting trail of clues, this compelling story will captivate the reader until the renowned Inspector Lawrence reveals all at the final denouement

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About The Author

Gwyneth Bledsoe grew up in Yorkshire, England, until her love of other cultures and foreign languages took her to Paris, France, for eight years. She traveled extensively in Europe with her job in Information Technology, and later moved to the Los Angeles area as a consultant. She now resides in Idaho with her American husband, where she works part-time for a non-profit organization helping churches help people in need.

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