When a community’s tranquility is threatened by a drug ring and a mysterious epidemic, a doctor and an ER nurse must race the clock in a desperate search for answers.

Lauren McCaffrey, an experienced ER nurse, arrives in Dogwood Springs, Missouri, hoping for a fresh start in her career—and a convenient escape from her family’s humiliating pressure for her to find a husband. Dr. Grant Sheldon transfers to the local hospital in search of a nurturing environment for his twins, who are still grieving the death of their mother. But his idyllic setting is not free of all the problems he thought he had left behind in the city.

Second Opinion combines emergency medicine and small-town America in a story of love’s discovery and a faith that lasts.

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About The Author

Hannah Alexander is the pen name for the husband-and-wife writing team of Mel and Cheryl Hodde, who began collaborating on their first blind date. Cheryl is the wordsmith, and Mel is the medical expert who helps her with the medical plotlines and edits everything she writes.

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