Evie s wealthy parents have just given her an ultimatum: stop dating her boyfriend Ben, or lose their financial support her junior year of college. Worse, they want her to consider an arranged marriage to the family lawyer, Eli Wheatly. True, Eli is handsome tall, with a mop of curly black hair but looks aren’t enough for Evie. She dreams of true love.

When Evie and Ben hatch a scheme to continue quietly dating while she goes out on a few dates with Eli to keep her parents happy, Evie is surprised and confused by the romantic flutterings she feels around Eli. What if she’s found the man she truly loves … while dating another?

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About The Author

Hilary Hamblin loves to daydream. In her own little world she creates the characters and their lives. Then she writes their story so you can share in her imagination. She believes fiction should be fun but it should also leave you thinking about your own life and the lives of those around you. In her day job, she helps businesses grow through her marketing and advertising agency. But the writing and the working all take a backseat to caring for her husband and their two children.

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