Fifteen years ago, Peggy Luther took her infant daughter, Maggie, and ran away from her husband and ten-year-old daughter. She settled in Arizona and started over. But there was always something not quite right about Peggy Luther … something her daughter couldn’t identify.

When Peggy takes her own life, Maggie’s life tumbles into chaos. She’s forced to move to a small town in Tennessee, to live with a sister she never knew existed. Worse, Martha’s lifestyle is entirely different from hers. But they will need each other far more than they ever dreamed when the truth about their mother is revealed.and their father comes to visit.

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About The Author

Hilary Hamblin loves to daydream. In her own little world she creates the characters and their lives. Then she writes their story so you can share in her imagination. She believes fiction should be fun but it should also leave you thinking about your own life and the lives of those around you. In her day job, she helps businesses grow through her marketing and advertising agency. But the writing and the working all take a backseat to caring for her husband and their two children.

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