An intruder in her house? But why? Tea shop owner Krista Yates has
nothing worth stealing, and Wentworth, Michigan, is hardly a danger
zone … or is it? DEA agent Luke McIntyre warns Krista that the prowler has
some dangerous connections, and that she needs around-the-clock
protection. Luke’s presence in her life is a bit too easy to get used
to—and his growing presence in her heart makes her dread saying goodbye.
But her nonstop defender can’t hide Krista away forever. And there’s
more than her safety—or her love—at risk when the threat steps out of
the shadows again.

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About The Author

Hope White wrote her first thriller at the age of eleven. She earned her college degree in journalism, became a newspaper reporter then went into PR for non-profits. Hope wrote freelance articles when her kids were small to be a stay-at-home mom, and eventually was drawn to writing women’s fiction. She and her college sweetheart, married more than 20 years, have two sons.

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