All Carissa Whitmore wants for Christmas is to regain the faith she had as a child. Spending the holidays alone at a friend’s home seems the perfect solution—and what better town than Yuletide to help her find the holiday spirit she seeks?

However, Carissa hadn’t counted on sharing the space with Paul Spencer, her friend’s brother…or the three orphaned children who have been hiding out in the house. But the biggest surprise of all is how acting as parents draws Carissa and Paul closer together. Could the miracle of love bring the joy of the season back to Carissa…and give her the husband and family she’s always longed for?

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About The Author

Before she became a full-time writer, Irene Brand taught for 23 years in public schools. Now with a writing career spanning three decades, Irene has published some 50 books, won numerous awards and sold more than two million copies. Irene is an active member of her church and is affiliated with several writing organizations. She is a lifelong resident of West Virginia, where she lives with her husband.

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