At first it was only

and alarming blip on a radar screen…but then reality struck…it was an inbound Chinese missile closing fast on downtown Los Angeles. Within minutes a full nuclear attack was unleashed upon the People’s Republic of China. The Chinese immediately counterattacked with more missiles launched toward predetermined American targets. The ensuing nuclear inferno rained down carnage and destruction unparalelled in human history.

In a matter of seconds, it seemed a though the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse had ridden forth with his plague of death and global disaster. And, in fact, he had. The biblical prophecies and warnings of the endtimes, long scoffed and ridiculed, suddenly take center stage across a shattered world. THE END HAS BEGUN!

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Irvin Baxter, Jr. is editor of Endtime magazine, the most widely read prophecy magazine in the world. Irvin also hosts Politics & Religion, broadcast heard daily worldwide via shortwave and the Internet. Having researched, studied and taught Bible prophecy more than 30 years, he is one of the foremost internationally acclaimed authorities in prophecy teaching today. Irvin and wife Judy live in Richmond, Indiana.

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