The dragon stood before the woman, so that he might devour her child. Elijah still has his doubts. As crazy as things have become, he figures there has to be a reasonable explanation. Except about the dragon. And maybe about Don. And definitely about the baby… He’s either going to find some answers or run away. He doesn’t want to leave Naomi. But even the inseparable will be pulled apart in these times. This is 2066, and the world is ending.

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About The Author

J.B. Simmons writes thrillers with an apocalyptic twist, and political philosophy clothed in fantasy. His latest novel, Unbound, tells the story of a rich kid from Manhattan with nightmares of a dragon and the world ending in 2066. J.B. lives outside Washington, DC, with his wife, two toddlers, and an intriguing day job. He writes before dawn and runs all day. His secret fuel: coffee and leftover juice boxes.

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