Not a cloud in the blue
Atlanta sky, Jeffrey Ross
made his morning visit to
the Dunwoody Starbucks,
expecting this day to be like
any other. It wouldn’t be.

Samarra Russell left her
meeting at Emory Medical
Center after receiving the
strange call and wondered
if it had anything to do with
her immunology research at
CDC. It was a secret, or was
supposed to be.
Going home as instructed,
Samarra opened the box of Valentine candy on
the kitchen counter and
collapsed. Before losing
her balance, Samarra
recognized the small finger,
severed and still wearing
the tiny ring she gave him
for his 7th birthday. Her
precious son.
She opened the note after
regaining limited senses
and read. If she didn’t want
to receive young Thomas
Russell’s head in a box, she
would do as instructed. So she did …

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About The Author

Jerry Robb has maintained a thirst since a young age concerning predictions how the world would one day end, as we know it, based on the Biblical version of the story. The author has studied, for the past three decades, the Bible, The Quran, Mormonism, Judaism, Christianity and pagan religions and is well-versed in all.An agnostic at one time in his life, the author decided to research the truth in 1979; and he has never doubted since.

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