The story resumes with Elizabeth Howard scrambling for crucial intelligence General George Washington desperately needs to oppose British General William Howe’s overwhelming invasion force. Elizabeth’s assignment will lead her into the very maw of war at the Battle of Brooklyn Heights, where disaster threatens to end the American rebellion.

Yet all the while Elizabeth’s heart is fixed on Jonathan Carleton, whose whereabouts remain unknown more than a year after he disappeared into the wilderness while on assignment for Washington. She does not know that Carleton, now the Shawnee war chief White Eagle, is caught in a bitter war of his own—against white settlers encroaching on Shawnee lands and the longing for Elizabeth that will not give him peace—even as unseen forces gather to finally destroy him …

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An award-winning author and editor, Joan M. Hochstetler is the daughter of Mennonite farmers. She is the publisher and editorial director of Sheaf House Publishers. In addition to writing, Joan enjoys spending time with her husband (a retired United Methodist pastor), and with her children and grandchildren and researching history for her next books.

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